It’s Not About You


It’s not about you.

That’s right.

Well… of course it’s about you. If you have an extended care event, you will want access to the best care available, just like you have come to expect throughout your entire lifetime of medical needs.

But while it’s about your illness, your accident, your care, it’s about so much more. It’s about the people you love and the people who love you, and it’s about the consequences to them if you have no plan.

Many think long term care insurance is just about protecting our money. While that’s a big part of it, from my personal experience and observations, one of the best things about a plan funded by insurance is that it gives your family permission to get help. It allows your family to continue to live their lives, to supervise rather than provide your care.

It’s about the peace of mind in knowing your family will be protected from the sole burden of caregiving, and from the physical, emotional, and financial stress and guilt that can go along with it.

It’s about the peace of mind in knowing that some of the tough decisions will come a little easier, that family harmony will be protected. Long term care insurance simplifies and clarifies the financial decisions by providing a designated funding source for care; selling the family cabin that’s been handed down for generations or the townhome in Florida have been taken out of the equation.

It’s about peace of mind in knowing that the income and lifestyle and health of your spouse will be protected, and that all of the plans you have for your business, your family, and your charities will continue uninterrupted if you need care.

The why.

Why does a 30-year-old buy life insurance when he becomes a father for the first time? It’s highly unlikely he’s going to die, and he knows that. But he also knows that if he does, the consequences for his new young family will be too great. There will be bills to be paid…..and a college education.

Why should we have a written plan for our care even though we are feeling healthy and we believe we won’t ever need it, and why is it smart to fund that plan with insurance?

It’s because of the consequences to the people we care about if it ever does.

It’s not about you…